ECONOMIC REVIEW (3rd Quarter of 2018)

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The economic highlight of the third quarter of 2018 was the release of GDP data showing that the economy grew by 4.4% in the year to June. This was the highest annual economic growth rate for nearly four years, since the third quarter of 2014. This was partly due to the impact of the closure of the BCL copper-nickel mine in October 2016 gradually falling out of the annual growth calculations. However, the recovery went far beyond the BCL effect, and growth was broad-based, with all sectors except for water and electricity experiencing the same or higher annual growth than in Q1. The data suggests that growth for 2018 as a whole is on course to reach 4.5%-5.0%, which would be the highest annual rate for five years.

Source: www. e c o n s u l t . c o . bw

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